The most imperfect perfect couple

Today I watched a video linked on Facebook by my cousin Theresa. Its title (“funny but true”) should be indicating another funny video, I thought, so I played it. First half can be found really funny, but the second part… you should just watch it (and if you don’t understand fully because of her specific accent, just watch it again)…

I am sorry if it made you cry, but wasn’t it worth to see? The way she told about her late husband and their love was so touching, convincing and prepossessing (is this word proper here in English?)…

In a summary (please don’t read it before you watch it!), the widow told that instead of singing prayers praises and telling how good her husband had been, she would rather told about some uncomfortable things, about what had happened in their bed, how loudly the man had snored and how it had been waking him up in the nights. But at the end of his life, when he was seriously ill, these sounds indicated for her that her husband was still alive. She wanted to hear these sounds again before she slept. This small things which people remember, this little imperfections, make our relatives perfect to us. Finally, she wanted her children to find, too, such partners who would be as beautifully imperfect as their father had been for her

However this video is only a TV commercial launched by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports of Singapore, it made me stop over the video and put this on my blog. The commercial was not the first video stimulating Singaporeans to marry and to establish a family (I found another about father from 2008). On YouTube there is also a film about why was the funeral video made.

It was directed by Yasmin Ahmad, a charming and multi-award winning film director, writer and scriptwriter from Malaysia, who suddenly died this year in July 2009. You can read her unfinished blogs here and here.

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